Financial Education Workshops

Want to gather your friends and have a financial party?


Financial Education Workshops

We go through college, we learn a lot of useful information, and then we realize that we really don’t have much money-related knowledge. I was recently reflecting on my own college experience and realized that although I am really educated and know a lot about finance, the skills required for personal finance are really different and I wasn’t taught those skills in college at all. As a result, I ended up writing this post on LinkedIn: What each of us went through Financial Planning

If this resonates with you and if you think you or your children can benefit from some money related knowledge, please get in contact with me for the upcoming educational workshop schedule. Custom workshops are available for groups of 5 people or more. If you are a small business or an employer interested in providing workshops for your employees, let me know about your specific needs.


A workshop either via video call or in-person (for groups of 5 or more) ranging from 2-8 hours.

The workshops are focused on financial education for high school students, college students and adults.

Some of the topics include,
but are not limited to:

  • The basics of cash flow management

  • The basics of student loans for high school and college students

  • I am about to graduate, where do I start my money journey?

  • 25 and motivated: how to start investing outside of the 401k?

  • Should I buy a house and where do I start?

  • What financial documents do I need and how do I get them?


The workshops range in price between $99 and $299 per person, depending on group size, location, and length.