Happiness Focused Plan

How do you go from here to happy?

Happiness Focused Plan

What if all you really want from life is to be happy? And what if you could be happier – much happier – in just a few months?

There is a huge divide between real financial planners (who study finance and get excited about allocating your 401(k)) and the self-proclaimed money gurus (who have no financial education but insist that by following some “magical plan”, you will get rich). After years and years of being strictly in the first group (after all, a PhD in finance will do that to you), I started getting interested in academic research about money and happiness. Now, I am pursuing this research myself, and working on incorporating the rigor of true financial planning with strategies derived from the research on happiness.

After talking to many of my clients over the last two years, I am convinced that financial problems are as much in our heads as they are real and tangible. As a result, I developed a methodical approach to evaluating your life as it is now, and trying to figure out how you can become happier.  My approach revolves around money and your financial situation, but we can’t truly talk about money without discussing values, relationships and non-financial goals. So we spend significant time examining these aspects of your life, and I use that information in crafting a strategy for you.


A 1-2 hour virtual session in which we will go over your current life. This will be an in-depth, fun discussion about budgeting. I want you to leave the session excited to track both your expenses and your time.

A detailed exercise we will work on together over for the next 4 weeks followed by a meeting.

A follow-up summary of the outcome of our conversations and step-by-step action plan to help you implement those recommendations.


A flat fee of $795