About Us

I believe everyone, regardless of their current investable assets, deserves unbiased custom financial advice that fits with their unique goals & dreams.



Are you a new Ph.D. who transitioned from years and years of college life to a brand new career and finally, a real paycheck? Are you a recently tenured professor contemplating a move to a new position? If you are a young(ish) educator who understands that the more you know about money and the more you commit to staying on top of your finances, the easier your life becomes, then I really hope we can work together.

I often get asked if I only work with academics. No, I don’t; not every client I have is a professor. However, given my environment and the people around me, I’m immersed in the academic community —  and I make it my work to support it.











You know those inspirational stories about realizing how you are in the wrong profession and changing your life at 40? That is so not me. I am the person with a plan, a back-up plan, and 19 bullet points on how to accomplish that plan. In other words, I get things done.

Before pursuing a Ph.D. in finance, I worked in benefits administration dealing with issues such as setting up medical plans and understanding the tax implications of life insurance. Currently, I teach finance and financial planning (and yes, I have been through the instructor, Ph.D. student, and 2 tenure track positions by now), I do financial plans, I answer all kinds of finance related questions, and I manage money. I also do research about what motivates people to save for retirement and how financial planners can help in that quest.


I met my husband Michael over ten years ago, shortly after college. We both went to Jacksonville University, which happens to be in the best city on Earth, Jacksonville, FL. Mike is a pilot who also happens to know everything about computers, full blown house remodels, and how to talk to our cat, Kniff. Together, we travel all over the world (well, without Kniff, but he did stay at a Marriott once and wasn’t too impressed), we debate about all kinds of things (according to Mike, he is right about 99.9% of the time), we spend our weekends cooking for our friends (or more like Mike cooks and I wash dishes because I am really good at washing dishes), and we decide what adventures we are going to tackle next.

I believe that travelling is imperative to my existence; going to cycling classes and yoga is just pure happiness, and power walking while listening to financial planning podcasts is my “down time” (but really, who doesn’t relax while listening to the new instalment on annuities?). Throw in a glass of wine and some HGTV and that’s what I call a really good day.












Not everyone has the same dreams and goals in life. Not everyone needs the same advice. My Planning Philosophy is that:

  • Everyone, regardless of their current investable assets, deserves unbiased custom financial advice that fits with their unique goals and dreams. Here is the translation to that aspirational sentence: financial planning is not only for the people who have at least a million dollars to invest.
  • Everyone, regardless of their major in college or path in life, will benefit from being in complete control of their finances. The best way to gain that control is to be as educated as you can about “all things money”. After all, it’s your money and you should be able to keep it, grow it, and enjoy it.
  • Advisors should share information rather than make financial planning look like rocket science. The more you know and understand, the better your life will be. I am just here to help.


We will start by looking at where your money is coming from and where it is going.

We will plan your financial and not so financial life (move to Puerto Rico, anyone?)

We will invest your hard earned money.

We will coordinate with other professionals who can help with things such as getting a mortgage, taxes, estate planning, & insurance needs.