Our lives are becoming ridiculous. Not in a good way. Ridiculously busy, overscheduled and stressful. You don’t need me to tell you that.  You know what you have to do every day just to “survive”.  So today, I would like you to think about the list of Nos. When and how do you say no to demands, opportunities and random encounters? Do you have a process, an organized way to decide what to commit to, what to say maybe to, and what to say absolutely not to?

I am the worst at this. I say (or used to say as I am trying to stop that) yes to everything and everyone, in the process stressing out myself, my family and everyone around me by trying to squeeze one more things into the mix. But I am also a person who believes in processes, lists, and an organized way to analyze a problem. As a result, recently, I implemented the following system in order to make better decisions on this topic. I call it my “List of Nos” for work related demands.

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