Did you really think you’d escape another new-year-resolution-related, don’t-spend-your-hard-earned-money post?  I gave it a few weeks but it’s time we talk about it.

One of my clients recently asked me if I really do everything I tell her to do. You know, the typical: save money for retirement, don’t spend it on things that are not important, allocate your portfolios appropriately, etc. good things like that.  I am not going to lie to my clients (after all, if they can’t trust me, who can they trust?) so I put some thought into this question. After hours (or more like minutes) of pensive reflection, I realized that my ideas around money changed quite a lot in the last year. Some of the changes were a result of my personal life and some were the result of working with about 20 completely unique people over the last year. And here is what I learned in 2016.Read More