It has been a long time I was around here. Life gets in the way of things like this. There is always some emergency to solve or something to figure out. Not an excuse, but I have also been a little busy writing a personal finance book, which will be coming out around Thanksgiving. However, for the rest of the year, we will be working diligently on getting some knowledge around finances in this blog. Here is what’s coming up between September and December:

  1. Each month will be dedicated to a specific topic. I am committing to two blog posts per month, coming every other Tuesday and I want you to keep me accountable to this promise.
  2. The month of September is all about your benefits. Annual enrollment is coming up and we will discuss some things related to how to choose your benefits. October will be about going to college/sending your kids to college in “honor” of the new FAFSA deadline. In November, we will move to investments and in December, we will focus on getting help for all things finance related.
  3. In addition to the posts I will be creating, I will try to post useful articles related to the same topic on the off Tuesdays. I will be posting those to LinkedIn (Inga Chira), the Facebook page for Attainable Wealth and Twitter (IngaChira). Make sure find me on the preferred platform if you have a special interest in any of these topics.

I look forward to getting back into writing the blog.